Kick Ass

Game Overview

Kick Ass slots is a game offered by a major software provider 1x2 Games. It is a viral slot game introduced by the provider. As the name suggests, the theme is quite explosive and features a myriad of superhero characters in it hence the name 'Kick Ass'.

The game's graphics are inspired by comic books and make you feel like you are thumbing through your favorite one. The characters are not recognizable mainstream superheroes, but 1x2 Games' take on them.

The slot machine is simple to play and gives you a fair shot at winning, making it all the more enjoyable to engage in. The game has a steady fan following because of its favorable terms and the number of chances it gives players to win. The excitement this game can induce will make you feel as if you have been transported to a casino.

So let's talk about the various features of the game and how it is played!

Jackpot(s)30,000 coins
Bonus RoundsFree Spins
Free SpinsYes
Scatter SymbolYes
Wild SymbolYes
Provider1x2 Gaming
Highest Payout30,000 times
Maximum bet0.25
Minimum bet25

How To Play


Over the reels, there exists a little multiplier scale (named amusingly as the Multiplier Man) that displays numbers from one to five. Whenever you get a win, this is jolted into action automatically. The subsequent win you receive will be multiplied according to whatever number you land on, ranging from one time to over five times. Like many other slot games, this feature is only applicable for the first five spins and then goes back to zero after the tries finish up.

The symbols that appear consist of superheroes, as well as blue clouds. The latter are scatter symbols, and landing on three or more scatter symbols activates free spins. The blue cloud scatter symbols do not have to be in one row or even adjacent to one another, you merely need to have 3 blue clouds on a screen, and that is it. The least number of blue cloud symbols you need to activate the free spins is 3, which gets you 5 spins. The next is 4 symbols, which gets you 10 free spins, and after that is the possibility of 5 scatter symbols, which gives you 15 free spins.

When you receive free spins, the Multiplier Man also gets a chance to become active simultaneously. You will also see a new symbol of a black orb in the mix during your free spins. When you locate it three or more times on-screen during a spin, this symbol activates a comic book-like sequence, which ends in you receiving a random amount as a bonus, which is decided by the game based on the stakes you had.

Min. Bet

The game's better range is quite wide, with the minimum limit at 25 cents.

Max. Bet

The maximum betting limit on this game is 25 dollars.



The return to play rate, or the RTP as it is more popularly referred to, is an important element in a player deciding whether or not they want to play a game. However, the RTP rate for Kick Ass slot game is very high at 96.90%. This is one of the highest amounts in the RTP in most online slot games available in the market today. If you are new to the online slot machine or even the gambling world as a whole, what a 96.90% RTP rate means is that if you were to spend a total of $100 on this game, you can rest assured that $96.90 of that amount would be returned to you in your wins. That is an extremely low risk for you to take!

Free Spins

Indeed, the game has free spin options, which are activated by the blue cloud scatter symbol. The amount of free spins you receive depends on the blue cloud scatter symbols that have appeared on your screen. If you receive 3 of these symbols you are entitled to 5 free spins. 4 of these symbols lead to you getting 10 free spins and if you land on 5 of these symbols, you get a total of 15 spins.

Bonus Game

The Kick Ass online slot game does not have a bonus game.

Player Reviews

Charlie Weinstein

I enjoy the game.

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

I am a big self-proclaimed comic book nerd, so when I came across Kick Ass online slot game randomly, I knew I had to try it out. And I loved every second of it. The visuals are great, especially if you enjoy anything superhero related. The symbols are delightful. I loved the high RTP rate because it gave me a lot of confidence when playing the game.

Samarah Paulson

Not very imaginative

3.7 out of 5.0 stars

While this game is fun, so is every other online slot machine. I did not feel it contained anything particular that would make me solely play this online slot game over every other game. The number of symbols for me personally felt significantly less and a little unimaginative. I would have enjoyed more if the game had more symbols. For example, during the free spins, when the black orb symbol came into the mix, I felt excited because of the extra symbol thrown into the mix.

Tia Alison Marie

I love this game so much.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Honestly, when I played the game the first time I was just winging it and had no idea what I was doing but after a few spins I got the hang of it automatically because it is so easy to play! I love multiplier man and the automatic multiplying of your subsequent wins on each of the first five spins. That is amazing and if I am being honest a little generous as well! I highly recommend this game to anyone looking to have a good time playing online slot machines and who wants a low level of risk.

Jack Zimmerman

I highly recommend this game to everyone.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

I love playing slot machines especially in casinos but because most casinos were closed and due to the general state of the world nowadays, that was not an option. As a joke, I thought I would look at online slot machines to see if they could help replicate the same experience and lo and behold, they did! I loved the Kick Ass slot machine because of the quirky graphics and the comic book-like story. I also loved the free spins that activated both the multiplying effect and the surprise black orb that gave me so many random bonuses. Now that is a surprise anyone would love!

Eliot Gray

It’s a good way to pass your time.

4.7 out of 5.0 stars

I am not a man who gambles, to be honest but this year, I decided to cross some things off of my bucket list, and slot machines were one of them. I couldn't find a casino I could go to near me, so my friend suggested trying my luck with online slot machines since, according to him it is basically the same thing. So I found the Kick Ass slot machine and I have to say I really enjoyed it. At first I was terrified of losing my money and being scammed but then I saw that did not happen which I later found out is because of the high RTP rate. While I still do not think online slot machines will become a regular occurrence for me I do appreciate the game and return to it every once in a while for a little fun.

Kickass Slot FAQ

What device can I play this game on?

You can play this game on any device, including your computer and smartphone as long as it is a touch screen game.

What is the RTP for Kick Ass?

The RTP is 96.90% for Kick Ass slot machine, which is amongst some of the highest rates out there. This means that if you put in $100 worth of bets, the most you can lose is $3.10, and honestly, that is quite a low risk. 

What is the maximum I can win from Kick Ass?

Kick Ass is a very generous game and if you win the jackpot you stand to win about 30,000 coins, which is a considerable payout!

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