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Spin galaxy casino is one of the new online casinos that allow players to enjoy the benefit of good casino games. The existence of spin galaxy casino has made the world of online gaming to wear a new look. You might be a regular player of casino games, where you have to visit a casino before you play any game of your choice. Right in the comfort of your room, you can enjoy the benefit of a spin galaxy casino that ensures that players worldwide enjoy varieties of games. You can visit a casino to play games, but a physical casino would only allow minimal games.

It is never the choice of any physical casino owner to restrict players from playing different games of their choice, but the limited option is a factor that needs to be considered. Spin galaxy casino allows players to enjoy the benefits of the fun-filled casino; you would enjoy more than 500 enjoyable games that include progressive jackpots, different types of video poker and roulette. The list is a long one if you are ready to enjoy moments of fun-filled gaming experience.

Spin Galaxy Casino is licensed like every other reputable online casino. Worries on how to go about deposits and withdrawals are not needed with the spin galaxy because there is a certification from the regulatory bodies. Spin Galaxy Casino is a certified and licensed online casino that is registered with Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC) and with e-COGRA certification, be sure that you can play without losing funds. We have several promotions and bonuses for you as long as you are a player on the platform. If you are a beginner who needs to learn how different games run, we have contact support in a live chat that operates 24/7 in different languages. Now you know that there is no issue like a language barrier.

Spin Galaxy Casino Bonuses and Promotions

As for bonuses and promotions, spin galaxy casino is one of the online casinos that offers the best promotions:

  • 1st Deposit – Match Bonus up to €200
  • 2nd Deposit – Match Bonus up to €400
  • 3rd Deposit – Match Bonus up to €400

New customers only | Min deposit €10

Welcome bonus

Signing up allows you to be a candidate that enjoys the different packaged benefits. As a new member on spin galaxy casino, you get to enjoy the welcome bonus offer more than a time. The only task you have to do after signing up is to relax, sit back and enjoy moments of thrilling gaming experience. Promotions on spin galaxy casino are optional as we have noticed that many players don't like to be forced into bonuses that do not catch their fancy. The benefit is for all players that have their membership with us.

The website's instructions are written in simple words that allow players to get bonuses with ease and access other features ultimately. Creating an account would not automatically give you the benefit of bonuses, but your commitment, which is in the form of deposits that you have made, would open doors of bonuses to you. Within a week of registering on Spin Galaxy Casino, be sure of getting credited after you must have deposited at least 10 Euros.

On Spin Galaxy Casino, players have the privilege to enjoy up to 100% bonus on their first deposit which allows scoring around 200 Euros of bonus credits. However,  players making a second deposit enjoys a different benefit of 100% bonus matching up to 400 Euros, and the same offer goes to players engaging in a third deposit.

Terms and conditions

Like every other game, Spin Galaxy Casino also has some rules that only bind players registered on the platform. You have hard or fast rules to ensure that a typical casino like Spin Galaxy takes responsibilities regarding subscribers of different games. Our terms and conditions are towards wagers, deposits, and withdrawal made on the platform continually. Digamma powers our terms and conditions; they are responsible for any current transaction on the platform. Players would always be asked to agree to terms and conditions if they want to enjoy their unending moments of gaming experience continually.

For our terms and conditions;

  • "Account" only translates to any authentic account that has been verified and issued to you by the casino.
  • The world Agreement" refers to the Conditions, the rules and different terms that you have to consider.

The casino would always be referred to when we are trying to refer to our website (Spin Galaxy Casino), you don't have to think too far if you see anything like 'Casino'.

Spin Galaxy Casino Charge-back

The charge-back can either be referring to what happens when you or your bank that has already issued a credit card experiences a reversal of charges regarding your credit card or a third party deposit.

We have a different account for players depending on what you intend on doing on our platform; there is a closed player account, inactive account and guest player account. For a closed player account, what you have to know is that it is either your account has been closed or deregistered. This closure or deregistration action can either be by you or from us depending on what is responsible for the closure.

In the case of new players who have opened an account but have not been logging in for a while, you would likely experience an account called inactive due to the long duration of inactivity. The period must have been up to six consecutive months of inactivity before an account becomes inactive. They are given the benefit to enjoy free-play without staking any amount or placing any wager whatsoever for guest players. Note that due to the casino rules, a player would always be anyone who has a registered account on the Spin Galaxy website.

About Spin Galaxy Casino

Spin Galaxy Casino is one of the best online casinos that surfaced in 2020; it is a gaming platform that enables players to enjoy different games without experiencing stress at all, a stress-free gaming experience to be precise. The accessibility of players from different part of the world is a convincing quality that most players would cherish, and we have been able to maintain our global standard.

We have provided more than 500 games for players across different parts of the world, with each player having a particular game to play at a time. We have several games such as progressive jackpots, blackjack, roulette, video pokers etc.

Spin Galaxy Casino is licensed and certified, which gives people the confidence to trust any online casino, and every other gaming website is registration. Players look for casinos they can trust, and this is the registered ones. We have different banking partnerships that further allows transactions to be done with ease on our platform. Our certification is by e-COGRA, you don't have to panic on deposits made.

Spin Galaxy has a package for new players for new players, which is the new player welcome bonus that comes shortly after getting an account. You can directly access our contact support by utilizing our live chat support; it is always active 24/7. It is all in assuring that you get the best experience as a player.

Registration at Spin Galaxy Casino

The ease of registration is another feature that has attracted players from different part of the world; Spin Galaxy has made registration the easiest thing to access on the platform. You cannot play any game without been registered properly. Spin Galaxy has a website that clearly states how each registration procedure is done in a simple and clear language.

It does not take all day to get registered, only a few minutes of your time is required to fill in your details when necessary. Intending players would have to fill in details as appropriate without leaving any stone unturned. The required details usually are names, a valid email address and a mobile number. There is always a need to select a strong password which you would remember every time you want to log in. You might have to confirm your password while registering to ensure that you can reproduce your chosen password. After filling in every detail, you can proceed to submit. You might be required to complete registration with certain verification on your mailbox; it is the practice for several online casinos. The verification procedure ensures that your account gets secured at best and you are advised not to share your password with a third party.

The last step on registration is terms and conditions; you cannot proceed without agreeing to the terms and condition of several gaming websites. For Spin Galaxy Casino, you have to read our terms and conditions and click the 'I agree' button to proceed and submit your details for registration.

Depositing and Withdrawals

Most players would never consider a platform that is not straightforward with deposits and withdrawals. This is not illogical because no one would love to experience a tedious deposit, and when the time to withdraw approaches, you start experiencing a system glitch. For all online casino, deposits and withdrawal is a big deal, and it can determine if your platform would have several players.

At Spin Galaxy Casino, the options of different methods for making transactions has allowed our players to be willing to play every time. You have different options to choose from, and if one fails you, you can easily utilize the other available methods. Several payment methods include Paysafecard, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, MuchBetter, Visa and Ecopayz. Other methods are available as you can get more by contacting our contact support for others.

We at Spin Galaxy Casino have noticed that players are always excited whenever they withdraw quickly. You have to consider your options before knowing which payment or withdrawal options you would select. Some are very fast that you get paid within minutes, while some are for days. There is always a minimum amount that you have to deposit, which is always at $10, other online casinos might be charging more for deposit.

Spin Galaxy Mobile/Desktop Experience

Spin Galaxy Casino is available for players utilizing different devices to access the internet, and mobile phones can access Spin Galaxy through an active internet connection. The emphasis should be on smartphones, however. The desktop effect has also allowed some players to be glued to the screen of their desktop due to a wider view than the one provided by a mobile phone.

Spin Galaxy Casino is enjoyed on a desktop because of the wider view and the privilege to control many functions at a time. You can easily locate your game of interest by either using the search engine or scrolling through different pages. Basic functions such as deposit, withdrawal and playing on games can be done on either your mobile or desktop. Try using the search option to enjoy unlimited gaming moments.

Game Variety at Spin Galaxy Casino

Spin Galaxy came into existence because of the need of players that have risen; there is a daily increase in the population of players, affecting the available games. Spin Galaxy has introduced more games. You would find over 500 games on the platform of which; all are enjoyable to play. They all have befitting titles that appeal to both seasoned players and beginners.

Below are some of the available games on the Spin Galaxy Casino:

Progressive Jackpots

It has always been a dream for every player to win a jackpot, regardless of the amount you are winning, you would always be motivated to put your all. You can take all the time on the casino just because you want to win a progressive jackpot; it is not that you have to go out to play anyway, right in your room you can enjoy.

Some people have won a life-changing game through the jackpot; it depends on how much you are wagering and the number of people participating in the game. The games on spin galaxy have an attractive title, e.g. Wheel of wishes, Crystal Rift, etc.

Video poker

If you have played a poker game before, you would agree that it is best enjoyed while you have your thoughts organized, right in your apartment you can place the wager and make things happen on your gaming account. Spin Galaxy Casino allows players to enjoy playing video poker on mobile phones and other devices that can access the internet such as desktops, tablets, laptops etc.

There are different types of video poker; we have the Caribbean and Three Card. Your options are already wide; choose which train you want to follow.

Table Games

On most online casinos, you would agree to the fact that players playing the table games have increased. You have to acquire good strategies to be able to survive through the game; it depends on how much dexterity you have rather than any luck. Spin Galaxy Casino offer table games of different types. Players can enjoy games like roulette, blackjack and craps, which are the classic table games.

Slot Machine

There are several slot machines on Spin Galaxy Casino like the famous Starburst, Vikings and Book of Dead. Large collections of slot machine provide players with a beautiful experience that allow different games to be sampled. Players would deposit just to access these games and participate ultimately. 

Live Casino   

The only commitment that Spin Galaxy owes players is to bring several thrilling games to their platforms, and we have not failed meeting up with player's satisfaction. Maximum satisfaction has to be attained; players don't want a near excellent experience. Several casinos would focus on slots and other electronic games but Spin Galaxy has made it a responsibility to allow players to enjoy what is available in live casinos.

Several casinos have carved out a particular niche for themselves, which allows them to be restricted when players want to take advantage of the casino that does not restrict what game is played on it. At Spin Galaxy, you can enjoy live games to the zenith. You can get some of the games on our platform, including Baccarat, Roulette, Bet on Numbers, Monopoly Live, Caribbean Stud etc. 

Game and Software Providers

There is always a developer who has taken time to put together some important features on the game for every game. You should be ready to know what your providers have for you; it defines how much you would enjoy the game. Different providers exist, and Spin Galaxy Casino is a platform where the best software providers have put much effort into various games of interest.

A sophisticated software provider's choice is necessary as you would always get the best games with unimaginable speed. Spin Galaxy Casino has one of the best providers, and that is Microgaming is one of the few software providers that have existed for a long while. They can stand the test of time due to their relevance in the gaming industry. Report has it that in the mid-nineties, the notable software providers are very few, and Microgaming is the first software developer.

When several individuals used to think that that going to a real casino is the best choice, Microgaming put all effort together to make sure that people can enjoy games right in their rooms. They took the bold step that others are just following. Microgaming has several games, few of their games are the popular Sportsbook, Poker and Bingo.

At Spin Galaxy, you have to rest assured that there is nothing like system glitch due to our capable and reputable software provider (Microgaming). Their claim to be one of the best is what we can attest to due to their standard. The Guinness World Records some years back recorded that Microgaming has the largest jackpot in the world. They are the providers of games such as Lost Vegas, PlayboyGold, Stardust, among others.

However, there are other providers of different casino games:

Evolution gaming

There are other gaming software providers apart from the Microgaming; they are relevant to the gaming websites by providing features that allow players to have a fun-filled gaming experience. Evolution Gaming is one software provider that allows the benefit of Live Casino experience to players globally. There is no restriction on what device you can employ in playing the game, through different devices that allow internet connection you can enjoy games from Evolution gaming. Games like Three Card Poker, dream catcher have been from Evolution gaming among others.

Net Entertainment

Net entertainment also referred to as NetEnt is one of the leading Software providers for casino games. One important part that you would need to consider if you want to rank the best software providers is how innovative they are; NetEnt is a very innovative software provider for online casino games. If you are thinking of a place to turn to then one of the best options is NetEnt, Spin Galaxy has been an online casino that is fully powered by Microgaming. Still, the existence of other good software provider is what we can attest to.

Across different Continents, you would find online casinos that have games designed by NetEnt. At Spin Galaxy, we can only attest to the authenticity of providers that have been tested and trusted.

NYX Gaming

To ensure that players get the maximum satisfaction, the famous online casinos have taken an interest in figuring out what satisfy players. Spin Galaxy Casino always work in the direction of providing the best software for games. One of the leading software providers is NYX; they have enough games which they have quality features. The advancement of technology has been great leverage for NYX gaming and other software providers. NYX gaming has more than 700 games in their catalogues that have been upgraded to fit into other games' qualities from different software providers.

Examples of games to be enjoyed from NYX gaming are Jackaroo Jack, Blood Lore Vampire clan etc.

Pragmatic Play

The benefit of playing casino online is convincing, although, some people are still of the opinion that is visiting a casino appeals to them. Spin Galaxy Online Casino would redefine your experience on online gaming, like every other software providers Pragmatic play have been a source of many games to catalogues. Pragmatic Play has been one of the messiahs that have been uplifting software providers' face due to their innovative dealings.

Pragmatic play delivers top-notch software for different platforms, and of which Spin Galaxy Casino allows players to enjoy different games from the innovative providers. Examples of these games are Mustang Gold, Triple Dragons, Wolf God, Gold train and others.

Big Time Gaming

If you are familiar with game and software developers in Australia, then you would definitely know about Big Time Gaming, they are also referred to as BGT. In case you don't get the name Big time gaming online, then you can search BGT. Big Time Gaming is one of the recent software providers for the online casino; they are not like others that have been in the industry for so long. They are making waves, just like every other software provider with different games in their catalogue. Although, Spin Galaxy does not have any game with them yet.

Play'N Go

Playing games has never been seen as anything more than entertainment; it has to deliver that fun that it is meant to; otherwise, there would not be any for investing time, money and other resources into the industry. That explains the more reason why the gaming industry is part of the entertainment industry; it is one of the fast-growing aspects of entertainment, to be honest.

It is not too long that they started making software for online casinos and other games ranked among the leading providers. They are established in Sweden, with the innovative mind of giving players more features to enjoy. They are important in software development for mobile phones and other devices. Their emergence has allowed the competition to get more serious in the industry, putting other developers on their toes.

Play'N Go has benefited different platforms with their software, but Spin Galaxy Casino is yet to be a beneficiary since we are presently powered by the fantastic Microgaming software provider. Some of the games that Play' n GO offer are Gold King, Imperial Opera, Super Flip, House of Doom, Pearls of India etc.


One thing that allows software providers for the gaming industry or companies to be famous is their track record; for some, they have records that already speaks volume more than any advertisement. International Game Technology, also known as IGT, is a popular software company that has done more designing and developing games than others. Humans love for variety explains why they face many websites when we talk about amazing features packaged in their design.

Some of the popular games you would find in IGT catalogues are The Big Easy, Elephant King, Three Wheel Roulette, Silent Movies and others. However, we at Spin Galaxy Casino are yet to subscribe to International Game Technology to design and develop games.

Push Gaming

A few software developing companies are not famous as others, one of the reasons that could prompt that is having limited games and subscribers. The truth is that most people are just getting to know Push Gaming as one of the providers of this century. They are established in London as an independent company that produces software for online gaming websites.

It is never a major discredit to them that they are not widely known, or due to the fact that they are not as famous as others, they don't have enjoyable games in their catalogue. They are important without mincing words when we have to talk about providers with some of their games such as Star Fall, Wild Wheel, Turn it Up, Gems of the Gods, etc.

Spin Galaxy Mobile Casino

The recent trend as always been to get everything done on our mobile phones, even some machines that you would not believe are controlled from mobiles at a distance far from the machines. Spin Galaxy Casino perfectly understands that players don't want to visit casinos before enjoying their game of choice. The more reason why the right energy has been channelled towards bringing more games on mobile devices to allow more engagement. Various games can be enjoyed on mobile devices such as Android devices, iPhones, iPads, Tablet etc.

The only thing you have to do is log into the Spin Galaxy Website, and click on the register to start a proper registration that would allow you to attain a full membership on the platform. The moment you are registered, then you can deposit to start enjoying various gaming options. You have to note that the only means to get on Spin Galaxy website after you must have secured a mobile device is an internet connection. To enjoy the games without missing out on updates, you need to pin the casino to your home screen for Android users. You can be sure that iOS users would need to achieve this differently by clicking on the share icon to select add to the home screen on their browser.

Payment Methods

Several players would not at first be interested in what your website looks like. Still, the issue regarding the transaction is always a priority that people choose to select what platform they are going to play on. Spin Galaxy has different payment methods that allow users to utilize any if anyone fails. You have to ensure that your password is not known to a third party, for credit cards users, it takes quite a while before achieving transaction.

Payment through banks is always with one of these Paysafe Card, Master Card, Interac, Zimpler etc.


Spin Galaxy Casino is one of the best online casinos with a clearly defined purpose; it has always delivered the best games to adventurous players. You can never go wrong by registering with Spin Galaxy Casino, one rule applies to all casino, take time to research on what casinos are before trying to play. We have packages to allow you to learn, such as free-play, never condemn advise from seasoned and successful casinos.

Spin Galaxy Casino is one of the most recent, and you have to know that it is a place to be when you are bored to make some cash. 

Spin Galaxy Online Casino User Reviews


Ruth Baker

I created an account with Spin Galaxy a few months ago when I was surfing the internet for newer online casinos; if you are looking for a place to play online casino games with zero worries when making deposits and withdrawals, then Spin Galaxy Casino is perfect! You deposit without stress and withdrawals are very fast

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Elmer Myers

The Spin Galaxy Casino's gaming experience has been unprecedented; you get more payment options and active contact support. I started as a novice, but with the option of the available free-play on Spin Galaxy, I have been able to learn strategies to increase my wins.

4.9 out of 5.0 stars

Francis Lamb

I am familiar with online casinos; I always have a beautiful experience whenever I visit Spin Galaxy. You get to enjoy the benefit of their features on mobile devices such as Android, iPhones and iPads.

4.6 out of 5.0 stars

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